Hawk Vision Productions

Proceeds from Hawk Vision Productions support the goals and purpose of – INDIO Trail – a non profit organization.    

Website Design  and Support – We specialize in WordPress.
We can create your site from just your dreams – or we can  refresh
a site that just doesn’t speak or look like you wish it to. Simple and quick – or detailed. Maybe you want a site you can easily keep updated  yourself with  just a little occasional support.  Or perhaps you need one that is more involved….one that you might want    regular and quick response for changes or support.
Hawk Vision Productions gives you those options.

 Rolling Thunder Enterprises –  our latest work !!!



  Vette                           vette@indiotrail.org

Professional video or photo/journalist coverage of your event.
Editing of video you already have but never watch because it
needs editing to make it more enjoyable or effective.

You will love the results and be supporting a great organization!  

                        Hawk Vision Video Resume

Sample of video shot and edited by Vette Middleton. 

Journey of the Sacred Hoop 2 Wiping of the Tears


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