Talking Trash

We live in a beautiful place … lots of wildlife…. trees… State Park with a 700 foot waterfall just up the road… so in addition to the locals we have thousands of visitors each month that come to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. And the vast majority of the local people and the tourists who visit this area really appreciate the environment. This vast majority leaves no trace of their visit. They are renewed by nature and in return, this vast majority are effective stewards of Mother Earth – the environment.

But there are those folks – you know – themthey – infamous for saying and doing the wrong thing to the dismay of the rest of us.  They come here to take pictures and video ….posing on.. in front of… or beside particularly spectacular sites.

So what are they thinking as they toss their fast food bag out the window of their car? Or take a walk on one of the trails thru the woods and decide – this would be a good place to change the baby’s diaper – and just leave it on the side of the trail !!!  Maybe they are thinking,  “it’s just one water bottle.. one beer can”. Someone will pick it up”

                                           Someone does pick up the trash they toss away.  We pick up the litter on the highways and the trails. It’s NOT an enjoyable way to spend the day-but it is rewarding.


Bears and other wildlife are attracted to the roads and trails by the smell of our trash. Some of them end up losing their lives investigating that milk shake cup. We pick up the trash to help protect the wildlife.



                                                  When trash is left on the mountain trails or on the sides of the roads – it can be disasturous for our water supplies downstream. That trash runs into the streams, creeks and rivers that are the source of our drinking water !!  We pick up the trash to help protect our water.


Sometimes you have to just get out of that ‘it’s not my job.. I didn’t create the problem.. why should I clean up someone else’s mess” kind of attitude.  It is not our fault there is trash on the roads and trails or in our neighborhoods. It is probably not our responsibility to clean it up.  But as a wise Elder once said to me when I was complaining about doing some difficult work to fix a mess I did not create “IF not you – then who will do it”

They will always be among us.  It’s up to each of us to decide who we are and what we are willing to do to make a difference. What are you doing for Mother Earth? 

Send a comment – along with a picture if you have one – we love to share inspiration –      vette       


When I wrote about cyber talking circles (July archives) – asking people to comment about positive steps they were making using technology – internet, phones, tv, radio, etc. – I was looking forward to the response. At first I was a bit disappointed. You see, I set this site up to be open to all comments – but retained the right to publish or trash any comments received. This site receives many comments, but you won’t see many published.  Most of them go to the trash. Because most of them are trash. Much like the spam emails that fill our inbox. Advertising everything from viagra to fake documents. So at first glance I thought “bummer, not many people using the internet in a good way”.

Then that voice – you know that voice – the tiny inaudible voice that rises up in your sea of thoughts … much like the breath bubbles of the creatures living underwater rise to the top of the still lake and get your attention. The thought was “Well… aren’t you a bit egotistical… thinking that if positive action comments are not being reported to you… well, there must not be much positive action taking place”.  I had to laugh.  One would think after all these years… I would have conquered ego and be awash in the glow of humility. Go ahead… laugh with me. Laughter is powerful medicine.

The voice kept bubbling up ideas. Get yourself in listening mode – open your eyes- go out there yourself and research how technology is being used.  Sure I found social media – we are awash in social media. Some of it is good and useful and some of it is trash. Some people can ‘use’ social media and go about their real lives, and some folks have lost their real lives and relationships in pursuit of a fantasy they have ‘created’.

It’s those people who are ‘using’ media and technology to change the world that I was interested in.  And they’re out there!  The ‘occupy’ movements going on now – they organized thru twitter, facebook, email. The original group “Occupy Wall Street” seemed to have a clear purpose. As the ‘movement’ has spread, the purpose has become splintered. Support for an organization or movement fades without that clear focus.

Whale Wars – ever watched that? They ‘use’ tv, radio, and other media to promote their purpose. Their message is powerful and effective because they have a clearly defined purpose….they have a cause they believe in.. a cause to which they are willing to dedicate their lives. Their work is in an isolated area – and without satellite TV and the internet we would probably have never heard of them.   They would be ‘doing the work’ – but we wouldn’t be involved – we wouldn’t be sending money or spending our time promoting their cause if they weren’t so effective in making us aware.

Still looking around… I’ll check back in and let you know what more I find. If I can figure out how to do it… I’ll set up a link button on this site so we can check in on those that are out there working for positive change. Send me a comment and link info to what you find… please.

Don’t get lost in your own thoughts –  vette